The Executive Committee, Corporate Board, and Club Management have worked together in order to make the social quarters inviting and appealing to all of our members, Legion, Auxiliary, and SAL.  There is now an attractive door between the smoking lounge/game room and the bar and bar area which allows you to see in and out of both rooms.  A new exhaust fan is creating a gentle negative air pressure in the smoking lounge and 2 ceiling mounted smokeeter air filters have been moved from the bar area to the smoking lounge.  There are now some tables and chairs in the game room for patrons who aren’t playing games to use.  Along with the beautiful remodeling that the SAL did last year the Post 177 Game Room & Smoking Lounge is a pleasant place to relax and smoke if you wish.  We hope that all of our members, smokers and non-smokers, will enjoy the unique comradeship available at our social quarters.