Hands-Up Program

Hands-Up is a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) assistance program created to provide a modification or donation of a DME to a qualified veteran. The program is needs based, and the Veteran or immediate family member must complete a Medical Funding Application Form and submit it to the American Legion Post 177 Service Officer.

There is a limited amount of funding per year, so money will be awarded to qualified recipients on a first come basis, based on the annual budget allotted by the Executive Board, and decisions will be made by designees of the Executive Board within thirty (30) days after receipt of the application.

Funds may only be used for things such as: a ramp for ingress/egress to the home; shower grab bars; communication device (software/hardware); lifts; security devices like door sensors (for elopement issues related to Alzheimer’s/etc); wheelchairs; adaptive devices; etc. Financial assistance will not be provided for therapy, medical services, non-durable medical costs (medical care, co-payments, medications, supplies and dietary supplements) or supplies. The application will not be considered until private or all insurance options are exhausted or unavailable. Requests for reimbursement must contain evidence of payment for DMEs and can be submitted up to 6 months after initial purchase. Lastly, applications may be submitted prior to purchasing medical equipment; any funds granted will be paid once proof of purchase is provided.


  1. The application package must include supporting documentation, to include evidence of medical necessity.
  2. Veterans may apply only one time per year, based on the American Legion year of 01 July to 30 June.
  3. The amount of funds issued may only contribute to the expenses of a modification/accommodation and are not intended to cover all costs involved.


  1. The recipient must be a Veteran who was discharged under honorable conditions.
  2. The Veteran must have a permanent physical or cognitive disability.
  3. The modification/accommodation must have a direct benefit to the Veteran in one of four areas of daily living, for example – bathing, dressing, eating, toileting; or, must benefit the Veteran’s mobility or communication.
  4. If any Veteran has a child who has a physical or developmental disability, the Veteran may apply for a modification/accommodation to support that child.
  5. The Veteran must reside within the County or City of Fairfax.

Download your application form here.

THE INFORMATION PROVIDED AS PART OF THIS APPLICATION WILL BE TREATED WITH CONFIDENTIALITY. INFORMATION IS NOT SHARED WITHIN THE AMERICAN LEGION OR OTHER SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS. Waiver Clause: These rules shall be interpreted in a flexible manner to accomplish the purpose of this fund. Any rule or rules may be waived by the Executive Board of the American Legion Post 177.